Simplifying Complexity

SkyVenn re-architects Salesforce platform to enable organizational efficiencies

Company Profile & Overview

Industry: Enterprise Networking Software

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Employee Category Range: 501 - 1,000 employees

Salesforce Cloud: Platform Cloud and Sales Cloud

Company Overview: A mid-sized software company in the network communications space servicing global enterprise organizations

  • Significant testing and development overhead was required to deploy changes
  • High system and process complexity
  • Inherited messy system with code from 4 different Salesforce consulting partners
  • 500+ APEX Classes, Triggers, Visualforce Pages and Lightning components to review
  • 400+ Workflows and 20+ Processes to review
  • Salesforce expertise with apps already installed was required to optimize upcoming change management. These apps included: Customer Community Cloud with Lightning Components, Financial Force and CPQ.
  • Analyzed over 500 code elements
  • Provided documentation and recommendations for all code elements
  • Identified 2 applications that could be de-commissioned and replaced with Salesforce functionality
  • Identified business processes and provided recommendations to reduce use of custom code
  • Review and improve test coverage of remaining classes
  • Removed over 160 elements of redundant or irrelevant code
  • Reduced deployment testing time by 40%
  • Refactored 23% of code to declarative solutions
  • Improved code coverage by 7%
  • User base feedback on improved system performance (we removed 19 triggers)
  • Delivered on time and on budget

SkyVenn is Dedicated to Customer Success

Since 2010 SkyVenn has been delivering tailored Salesforce solutions to help meet each of our client’s unique requirements. We are led by former Salesforce employees and leverage years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We are committed to seeing our customers wildly successful on the Salesforce platform.

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