Opportunity Product Selector

Improve user adoption and efficiency by enabling your users to search, add, edit and delete multiple Opportunity Product Line Items all from one screen.

Enhanced Product Selector for Opportunities inside Salesforce

SkyVenn has extensive experience creating, designing and deploying apps on the AppExchange since 2010.

  • Single Screen Interface with Opportunity Details, Product Selector & Opportunity Products
  • Search, Add, Edit, Remove Multiple Products for your Opportunity
  • Sort opportunity products (Salesforce Classic only)
  • Configure Multiple Picklist / Dropdown & Text Search Filters
  • Easily Add the Same Product Multiple Times to your Opportunity
  • Quickly Edit Opportunity Details
  • Quickly Recalculate Opportunity Amount
  • Easily Configure Page Layout to edit Opportunity Details and Products
  • Create Buttons for Automated Product Filters
  • Available for both Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic
  • Available for Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance Editions
  • and much more…

Opportunity Product Selector Pricing:

Unlimited Users for $2,999/yr (USD)


  • 25% discount for all registered charities
  • All prices are in USD
  • Pricing is based on individual Salesforce Org ID (for multiple org pricing options, please contact sales@skyvenn.com)
  • See our Terms & Conditions for service details