Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

SkyVenn can help you drive revenue growth by optimizing processes for new sales hires, lead management, sales forecasting, activity management, territory management, reporting and so much more...

Sales Cloud Features we can help you deploy:

  • Lead Management, Lead Registration, Lead Assignment and Routing Rules
  • Web-to-Lead Capture
  • Mass Email and Campaign Management
  • Rule-Based Lead Scoring
  • Campaign Influence
  • Account and Contact Activity Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Customizable Sales Process
  • Partner Relationship Management (see Experience Cloud for more details)
  • Sales Path
  • Person Accounts
  • Sales Console App
  • Sales Teams and Opportunity Teams
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Opportunity Splits
  • Enterprise Territory Management
  • Contracts and Orders
  • Products, Price Books and Quotes
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Chatter
  • Lightning Flow Automation (Flow + Process Builder)
  • Workflows and Approvals
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Page Layouts
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Record Types
  • Email Integration with Gmail and Outlook
  • and much more…

The SkyVenn Value:

1. Certified Salesforce Summit/Platinum Partner
2. Certified Salesforce Managed Services Expert
3. Certified Salesforce Experience Cloud Expert
4. Minimum 7+ Years of Experience per Senior Salesforce Consultant
5. Multi-Cloud Salesforce Expertise
6. Point of Contact is a Consultant with Multiple Certifications
7. Agile Development Methodology
8. History of Customer Success (1,000+ Completed Projects)
9. All SkyVenn Resources are based in North America (i.e. no off-shore resources)
10. Led by Salesforce Alumni