SkyVenn can help you build tailored marketing campaigns to promote your products and services, engage with your prospects and customers, build brand loyalty and drive top-line revenue growth for your business


Since 2010, our team has worked with various marketing automation platform including Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and many more. Based on our experience and client feedback, SkyVenn now focuses exclusively on Pardot because of its intuitive user interface, ease of use, powerful campaign building capabilities, robust reporting options and seamless integration with Salesforce. Our experienced team leverages years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation for your business. Our Customer Engagement & Deployment Methodology will help ensure a successful Pardot deployment and end-user adoption across your organization.

The SkyVenn Value:

  1. Experienced - Minimum 10+ Years of Experience per Senior Salesforce Consultant
  2. Knowledgeable - Multi-Cloud Salesforce Expertise
  3. Efficient - Point of Contact is a Consultant Not a PM
  4. Results - Agile Development Methodology
  5. Success - History of Customer Success (see our Success Stories and Customer Testimonials)
  6. Local - All Resources are SkyVenn Employees based in Toronto, Canada
  7. Leadership - Led by Salesforce Alumni and Established in 2010


SkyVenn can help you:

  • Generate high quality top of the funnel leads through personalized and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Nurture existing relationships and build new ones that provide your Sales team with more insight into their prospects and accounts
  • Justify the business case for all your B2B and B2C marketing campaigns with campaign attribution reporting (first-touch, last-touch and multi-touch attribution)
  • Track and measure the progression of leads from initial inquiry, to MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), to SAL (Sales Accepted Leads), to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and Closed Won deals
  • Build cross-departmental efficiencies to help align and improve relationships between your Marketing and Sales teams
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy with tactical execution programs to attract and engage with your target audiences across multiple channels
  • Analyze website behaviour to deliver an optimized email communication strategy to help increase overall customer engagement
  • Migrate from your existing marketing automation platform (e.g. Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and many more) to Pardot
  • Leverage Pardot to create Net Promoter Score (NPS) processes for your support team
  • Leverage Pardot to create Onboarding processes for your HR team
  • and much more...


Specific Pardot Features & Functions we can help you deploy:

  • Engagement Studio Programs
  • B2B Marketing Analytics
  • Connected Campaigns
  • Engagement History and Engagement Dashboards
  • Salesforce Engage
  • Automation Rules
  • Advanced Dynamic Content
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Multivariate Landing Page Testing
  • Email A/B Testing
  • Web Page Actions
  • Integrations with Webex, ReadyTalk, GoToWebinar, Twilio, Olark, Eventbrite, Wistia, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Analytics, AdWords and more...
  • Custom Lead Scoring and Scoring Categories
  • Custom Roles and Permissions
  • Custom Object Integration
  • Advanced Email Analytics
  • Email Rendering and Preview Analysis
  • Business Units
  • SEO Keyword and Competitor Monitoring
  • and much more...


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