Salesforce Classic to
Salesforce Lightning Experience

For a successful transition to the Salesforce Lightning Experience, let SkyVenn be your guide through the process.

Leverage the SkyVenn team to help your organization transition from Salesforce Classic to the Salesforce Lightning Experience. Through our collaborative and guided approach that combines technical knowhow, multi-industry experience and best practices, SkyVenn will help your users migrate successfully to the Lightning Experience.

The SkyVenn Value:

  1. Experienced - Minimum 10+ Years of Experience per Senior Salesforce Consultant
  2. Knowledgeable - Multi-Cloud Salesforce Expertise
  3. Efficient - Point of Contact is a Consultant Not a PM
  4. Results - Agile Development Methodology
  5. Success - History of Customer Success (see our Success Stories and Customer Testimonials)
  6. Local - All Resources are SkyVenn Employees based in Toronto, Canada
  7. Leadership - Led by Salesforce Alumni and Established in 2010

We follow these 3 main phases during your Lightning Migration transition period:

(1) Lightning Experience Discovery:

SkyVenn will help you evaluate the key benefits of migrating to the Salesforce Lightning Experience and help you prioritize your business requirements and timelines for rollout. By performing a Change Management Impact Assessment, we'll help you define your business and technical strategy approach through an iterative rollout schedule across your business units and stakeholder groups. SkyVenn will help you define the proper rollout strategy between an org-wide rollout, profile based rollout and/or permission sets rollout.

(2) Lightning Experience Rollout:

SkyVenn will setup features and functions for the Salesforce Lightning Experience and roll-out the new user interface to your departments based on your timelines and business requirements. We will train and empower your users so they are Lightning ready and optimized.

Lightning Experience configurations and enablement may include, but is not limited to the following items (to be scoped and prioritized during the Discovery phase):

  • Enhanced Report and Dashboard
  • Setup Lightning Paths (e.g. Accounts, Cases, Leads, Opportunities, etc.)
  • Setup Lightning Record Pages
  • Reconfigure apps through the Lightning App Builder
  • Activity Timelines and filters
  • Enable Einstein Activity Capture
  • Setup Lightning ready apps (e.g. Pardot Lightning App)
  • Review Kanban views
  • Setup In-App Lightning Guidance prompts to drive end-user behaviour
  • Adjust existing customizations from Salesforce Classic to be Lightning ready:
    • Replace Actions and Buttons
    • Convert JavaScript buttons to Lightning-friendly alternatives
    • Prepare Visualforce pages for Lightning Experience
    • Identify hard-coded URLs for migration
    • Convert Attachments and Classic notes to Files and Enhanced Notes
  • Review Lightning Component options available from the AppExchange and make recommendations
  • Review installed 3rd party apps and make recommendations for migration

(3) Lightning Experience Optimize:

By gathering feedback from your end-users, SkyVenn will help you understand and prioritize future Salesforce enhancements. SkyVenn will also help you understand and interpret results from the Lightning Usage App. We recommend a 30-60-90 day post roll-out review schedule.


To discuss pricing and next steps, please contact us at or call us directly at (647) 799-3058.

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