Driving Subscriber Growth

Leveraging Pardot to grow subscribers and increase revenue

Company Profile & Overview

Industry: Online Media

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Employee Category Range:  11 - 50 employees

Salesforce Cloud: Pardot

Company Overview: Providing the latest industry news and updates for their registered subscribers

  • Salesforce customer who was looking for creative ways to engage with their members to drive upgrades to their premium subscriptions 
  • Existing Mailchimp solution did not allow advanced personalization with the ability to sync people with their Salesforce and website database
  • New go-to-market strategy required a quick roll-out of Pardot to meet upcoming product launch

Previous Technology:

Product Features Implemented:

  • Leveraged Engagement Studio to create multiple advanced nurture paths for members to realize the benefits of a premium subscription upgrade
  • Analyzed Pardot reports to determine trends, identify gaps and adjust campaigns on the fly
  • Integration with Salesforce allows sales reps to understand key prospect engagement activities and allows them to have more meaningful conversations
  • With increased premium subscriptions, Pardot has more than paid for itself within the first 3 months of use
  • Quick time to value: Pardot deployment and training completed within 4 weeks
  • Success of the projects has lead to future projects to deploy a Community Could solutions for their customers

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