Sales Cloud Optimize Package

Make the most of your Salesforce investment by leveraging the experienced team at SkyVenn.

Sales Cloud Optimize Package for only:
$2,700 USD / $3,600 CAD

Since 2010 SkyVenn has been delivering tailored Salesforce solutions to help meet each of our client’s unique requirements. We are led by former Salesforce employees and leverage years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation. If you're a new Salesforce customer looking for help to get started, or an existing customer looking to enhance the business case of your Salesforce investment, SkyVenn is here to help! To learn more about SkyVenn, please visit the About page of our website.

Sales Cloud Optimize Services

Make the most of your Salesforce investment by leveraging the experienced team at SkyVenn. Sales Cloud Optimize enables you to benefit from lessons learned after hundreds of implementations and you also get access to a certified Salesforce resource to help make the necessary changes.

Whether you self implemented and want a second set of eyes or had a professional help earlier but now want to revisit how you’re using Salesforce, the Sales Cloud Optimize Package is designed for you.

Key Benefits

  1. Delivered by senior sales professionals with 8+ years of experience
  2. Expert guidance on optimizing your business requirements into the Salesforce platform
  3. Ensure leveraging features available within the Salesforce platform while following Salesforce best practices
  4. Certified Salesforce consultants with experience across various Salesforce products and services

What's Included

The Sales Cloud Optimize Package contains the following services and configuration:

Design and Discovery

  • Project kick-off call and requirement gathering session
  • Review the goals of your business and how Salesforce can be used
  • Discuss your key lead, account, sales and activity management processes
  • Review the existing system and identify areas of optimization
  • Define up to 5 key reports needed by management
  • Weekly project check-in calls to review progress and next steps

Salesforce Configurations

  • Update navigation tabs, add logo and adjust colour scheme to match your company branding
  • Review and update Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity page layouts + create up to 10 custom fields
  • Review and update 1 Lead process + 1 Opportunity process to align with your selling methodology
  • Review and Enable standard Salesforce Mobile settings
  • Create up to 5 reports on 1 company dashboard. Example reports may include:
    • New sales pipeline created by account manager by time period (month, quarter, or year)
    • Sales forecast by account manager by time period (month, quarter, or year)
    • Activities completed by account manager by time period (month, quarter, or year)
  • Create up to 2 Workflow Rules and up to 2 Validation Rules. Examples may include:
    • If an Opp enters a specific stage, specific team members are notified via an email alert
    • If an Opp is closed lost, make additional fields mandatory to understand why we lost
  • Review how Salesforce Campaigns is used to manage marketing efforts (e.g. trade shows)
  • Review standard Lead Assignment Rule **
  • Review Gmail/Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync **

Salesforce Training

  • 3 hours of remote in-app refresher training for staff and system admin users:
    • 2 x 60 minute general user sessions and 1 x 60 minute system admin session
  • Additional Salesforce resources will be provided that can be used for self-paced learning

60 Day Post Implementation Check In

  • Review reports, team engagement, lessons learned and discuss next steps


  1. * Sales Optimize limited to Sales Cloud features. Project not to exceed 20 total hours of SkyVenn resource time.
  2. ** Some setup time will be required from your IT department/Webmaster to complete configurations (Salesforce resource instructions will be provided).
  3. *** Features not listed above may require the purchase of additional time to setup. Please ask us for details.
  4. Special pricing valid only until June 30, 2020

Additional Sales Cloud Setup & Maintenance Options

Are you looking to take your Salesforce Sales Cloud instance to the next level? Contact us for details/pricing on enabling any of the following features for your organization. Our team can also be leveraged to help you manage ongoing sales efforts throughout the year.

  1. Roles, Permissions, Profiles and Sharing Settings
  2. Mass Emailing
  3. Custom Objects
  4. Record Types
  5. Collaborative Forecasting
  6. Email and calendar integration
  7. Person Accounts
  8. Custom APEX, Visualforce and development work
  9. and much more...


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