Salesforce Education Cloud

Combine Salesforce & Pardot to optimize your revenue generating activities to drive more student registrations, improve engagement and alumni outreach, increase donations, increase sponsorship opportunities and much more...

Salesforce & Pardot for Higher Education

Since 2010 SkyVenn has been delivering tailored Salesforce solutions to help meet each of our client’s unique requirements. Our experienced team leverages years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation for your business. Our Customer Engagement & Deployment Methodology will help ensure a successful Service Cloud deployment and end-user adoption across your organization.

Make the most of your Salesforce and Pardot investment by leveraging the experienced team at SkyVenn. Our Higher Education Cloud Package is designed to get your teams up and running quickly with some of the most common features and functions available within both platforms.

Key Benefits

  1. Delivered by senior sales and marketing professionals with 10+ years of experience
  2. Fast time to value (typically up and running within 4-6 weeks)
  3. Expert guidance on transitioning your business requirements into the Salesforce platform
  4. Certified Salesforce consultants with experience across various Salesforce products and services

What's Included

  • Business Process Review with your key stakeholders responsible for your main revenue generating activities. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. New Student Recruitment and tracking via online/print ads, high school recruiting, events, etc.
    2. Alumni Outreach Programs
    3. Donations
    4. Corporate Sponsorship
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy discussions to understand your overall strategy, best practices, and provide recommendations on where to leverage Salesforce and Pardot for the tactical execution of your campaigns
  • Track and measure revenue generating KPI’s to provide success metrics to leadership
  • Setup Salesforce, Pardot, marketing campaigns and reporting to measure performance by campaign
  • Review existing eco-system of software applications and processes used at your organization to provide recommendations on how to best integrate these solutions into Salesforce to create a centre of truth for all data sources
  • Provide end user and system admin training to drive user adoption

To discuss your project in more detail so that we may provide a formal proposal with pricing, please contact us directly at: or (647) 799-3058

Additional Service Cloud Setup & Maintenance Options

Are you looking to take your Salesforce Service Cloud instance to the next level? Contact us for details/pricing on enabling any of the following features for your organization. Our team can also be leveraged to help you manage ongoing service efforts throughout the year.

  1. Roles, Permissions, Profiles and Sharing Settings
  2. Advanced Case Management
  3. Knowledge
  4. Case Escalation Rules
  5. Service Contracts (SLA) and Entitlements
  6. Case Milestone Tracker
  7. CTI Integration
  8. Live Agent Chat
  9. Omni-Channel
  10. Email and calendar integration
  11. Data migration
  12. Custom APEX, Visualforce and development work
  13. and much more...


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