Multi Cloud Roadmap Optimization & Enablement

SkyVenn helped to define and deploy a scalable Multi-Cloud solutions across 4 major business units

Company Profile & Overview

Industry: Fishery

Location: United States, Canada, Europe and South America

Employee Category Range: 201 - 500 employees

Salesforce Cloud: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, CPQ, Pardot & Custom Development

Company Overview: Aquatic Ecosystem Solutions 

  • Customer had limited in-house Salesforce expertise and outsourced work to several Salesforce partners over the past several years
  • Through growth and acquisitions, various business units had varying experience with Salesforce and needed to be brought up to speed quickly
  • Departments were not communicating well and/or operating efficiently across business units

Salesforce Clouds:
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, CPQ, Pardot & Custom Development

  • Updated Service Cloud processes to allow teams to improve case communication, processes and reporting
  • Lead the evaluation of Pardot Plus for the Marketing team and responsible for the implementation and enablement of the solution
  • Created a Community Cloud solution for 1 of the 4 business units with integration into Pardot to manage EULA processes
  • Follow up project created a separate Community Cloud solution that is scalable for the remaining 3 business units to dynamically manage end user experience and permissions within a single portal experience
  • Rearchitect Security Sharing, Permissions, Profiles and Roles to provide a scalable solution across 4 distinct business units
  • Consulted and enhanced on the full lifecycle of the Lead to Cash process
  • Enhancements made to Security, Permissions and Profiles provided streamlined processes and improved reporting across the organization
  • Quick time to value: each of the 2 Community Portals were up and running within 6 weeks each
  • Biweekly cadence calls for ongoing enablement within Sales, Marketing and Support teams
  • Assisted in developing an organization wide CRM Roadmap to manage and prioritize Salesforce development over the next 2-3 years
  • Ongoing training and enablement sessions have allowed the Marketing team to deliver on world class scalable engagement campaigns
  • SkyVenn is now the preferred Salesforce partner under Managed Services to provide continued support, configs, enhancements and enablement services

SkyVenn is Dedicated to Customer Success

Since 2010 SkyVenn has been delivering tailored Salesforce solutions to help meet each of our client’s unique requirements. We are led by former Salesforce employees and leverage years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We are committed to seeing our customers wildly successful on the Salesforce platform.

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