HubSpot to Pardot Launch Package

Pardot setup and implementation services delivered by the experienced team at SkyVenn.

HubSpot to Pardot Launch Package for only:
$4,800 USD / $6,000 CAD

Since 2010, we’ve worked with all the major Marketing Automation platforms including Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and many more. We have the experience to help you build the right campaigns for your business. SkyVenn can also help you scale your marketing investment into other Salesforce solutions that include Sales Cloud, Support Cloud, Community Cloud and any custom development work. To learn more about SkyVenn, please visit the About page of our website.

HubSpot to Pardot Launch Services

Make the most of your Pardot investment by leveraging the experienced team at SkyVenn. Our HubSpot to Pardot Launch Package is designed to get your marketing team up and running quickly with some of the most common features and functions available within the Pardot platform.

Key Benefits

  1. Delivered by senior marketers with 8+ years of experience
  2. Fast time to value (typically up and running within 4-6 weeks)
  3. Expert guidance on transitioning your business requirements into the Pardot platform
  4. Certified Salesforce consultants with experience across various Salesforce products and services


What's Included

The HubSpot to Pardot Launch Package contains the following services and configuration:

Marketing Process Review with your Key Stakeholders

  • Project kick-off call
  • Discuss your key marketing processes to define your goals and needs
  • Review existing HubSpot instance to prioritize configurations and migration items
  • Prioritize the most important HubSpot sequences and workflows for review
  • Weekly project check-in calls to review progress and next steps

Salesforce Integration

  • Install Pardot connector, define integration user and setup Pardot users
  • Update Lead, Contact and Campaign page layouts in Salesforce
  • Map Salesforce fields to Pardot fields and create up to 20 custom fields (if required)

Pardot Prospect Import

  • Database sync/import of prospects into Pardot

Support Customer’s Web Team

  • Assist in adding website visitor tracking code **
  • Assist in adding vanity tracker domain (CNAME) and SPF and DomainKeys to DNS **
  • Assist in adding Pardot IP address to company spam filter whitelist **

HubSpot Marketing Hub Migration

  • Transition HubSpot Marketing Hub campaigns to Pardot (up to 3)
    • This includes related Marketing Automation, Lists and Workflows
  • Transition HubSpot Marketing Assets to Pardot
    • Landing Page Templates using pre-built standard Pardot layouts (up to 3)
    • Email Templates using pre-built standard Pardot layouts (up to 3)
    • Forms using pre-built standard Pardot layouts (up to 3)
    • Images and Files (up to 10)

Configurations and Training

  • Leverage 1 of the HubSpot Marketing Hub campaigns listed above as your active session for Pardot campaign setup to understand workflows and functionality (up to 5 total hours):
    • Setup 1 standard email preference page and 1 unsubscribe page
    • Setup 2 email templates using pre-built standard Pardot layouts
    • Setup 1 form using pre-built standard Pardot layouts
    • Setup 1 landing page templates using pre-built standard Pardot layouts
    • Setup 3 static and/or dynamic segmentation lists
    • Setup 1 engagement studio program (i.e. nurture drip campaign)
    • Setup campaign in Salesforce and link with Pardot
    • Review standard Pardot reports

30 Day Post Implementation Check In

  • Review campaign reporting results, overall engagement, lessons learned and discuss upcoming campaigns



  1. * Launch Package limited to Pardot platform features. Project not to exceed 40 total hours of SkyVenn resource time.

  2. ** Some setup time will be required from your IT department/Webmaster to complete configurations (Pardot resource instructions will be provided).
*** Features not included as standard across Growth/Plus/Advanced editions may require the purchase of additional time to setup. Please ask us for details.
  4. Special pricing valid only until October 31, 2019

Additional Pardot Setup & Maintenance Options

Are you looking to take your Pardot instance to the next level? Contact us for details/pricing on enabling any of the following features for your organization. Our team can also be leveraged to help you manage ongoing campaigns throughout the year.

  1. Person Accounts
  2. Custom Objects
  3. Custom Roles & Permissions
  4. Connected Campaigns
  5. B2B Marketing Analytics
  6. Salesforce Engage
  7. Business Units
  8. Lead Scoring, Grading and Categories
  9. Net Promoter Score
  10. Ongoing Campaign Management
  11. and much more...


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