Search, Add, Edit Products on Opportunities for 400+ reps

Streamlining the creation and updating of Opportunities and Products within Salesforce

Company Profile & Overview

Industry: Financial Services

Location: North America

Employee Category Range: 1,001 - 5,000 employees

Salesforce Cloud: AppExchange

Company Overview: Customer is a financial services company based in North America

  • Sales reps were frustrated because they had to navigate multiple screens to edit the opportunity and the associated products
  • Opportunities were sometimes only partially updated
  • Operations team needed to show that they heard sales teams UX concerns and were responsive with a new solution
  • Difficult to filter products and make changes to new and existing opportunities

Previous Technology:
Standard Opportunity Details and Opportunity Products

Product Features Implemented:
Opportunity Product Selector by SkyVenn was deployed across the entire global sales organization for managing products on their opportunities

  • Sales reps now have the ability to update an opportunity and it’s associated products all from a single screen
  • Reduced time to update an opportunity by 25%
  • Quick time to value: Installed Opportunity Product Selector by SkyVenn and self configured the solution in about an hour without any guidance from SkyVenn
  • Adding 5-10 new hires per week with reduced training time

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Since 2010 SkyVenn has been delivering tailored Salesforce solutions to help meet each of our client’s unique requirements. We are led by former Salesforce employees and leverage years of experience and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We are committed to seeing our customers wildly successful on the Salesforce platform.

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